Brittany Kolar
Designer & Illustrator

Library Search

I was asked to create a gif animation to represent a library search. I first brainstormed key words and bolded the circles I liked the best. My client wanted the illustration to be clean, friendly and sophisticated yet fun for any age. I figured the best solution would be to represent a librarian helping you "look" or a book. I felt the best way to represent "search" "looking" was to show a pair of binoculars. Wondering what type of person I should draw to represent the librarlan I was looking at an image of all the librarians that work at Boulder Library and saw one in particular who has worked there for over 20 years would be perfect. She is 70 years old, has the most beautiful smile and a little granny fro. The library was so happy I used her to represent the search tool since she has been working there for so long and everyone in the community knows and loves her. I added her eyes blinking to make it not feel static. After reviewing with the client they thought it was perfect for what they requested. They added this to their library search data system and they plan on using this in the future on their facebook page and ads.