WHO IS Brittany Kolar?


It all started when...

I was in 6th grade and my brother and I went to Summer Camp for two weeks. During the time, the show Trading Spaces was a hit and it had always been my dream to get my room remodeled.  When Summer Camp was over, my brother and I came back and both our rooms where completely remodeled by our parents to fit our personalities. My brother had his football themed and my parents had mine to have my favorite colors at the time (lime green and purple) with flowers and a sketch I created of myself on the walls. They even had someone hand paint my name on one side of the walls (it was so amazing!) The team used a projector to trace the drawings I had made in 5th grade to match it perfectly. I remember falling asleep so happy that night knowing I had the coolest room a 6th grader could have. I believe that was the day I knew I wanted to become a designer/illustrator. Seeing my own sketches on my wall was one of the best feelings I had felt as a child and ever since then I have been in love with sketching and creating art.

Many years have passed and I made my dream into a reality. I am a illustrator and designer currently living in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington. I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a BFA in design. 

I am a huge fan of old Disney movies, with an obvious love for Mary Blair. I often dream about living in the 60's and meeting my hero Alexander Girard.  When I am not designing, you are likely to find me baking cookies for my friends or kayaking the Pacific Northwest.



2012 Silver Addy for Zazua Tea Packaging

2014 GSU Magazine, "Ford" image series

Designer of the day for Designer 365 blog